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GAp Pool & SPA Algaecide

GAp Algaecide 60
A cationic polymer Algaecide to prevent and eliminate kinds of algae(especially for black algae and green algae) in pool & SPA.

GAp Winter Algaecide 20
Winter Pool Algaecide is highly effective to provide dependable control of algae growth throughout the winter season. A single treatment can prevent algae growth for up to 5 months in a covered pool.

GAp Concentrated Algaecide
A non-faming and non-staining product to control Algae growth in swimming pools.

GAp Algaecide 10
Less concentration of GAp Concentrated Algaecide, also non-foaming and non-staining.

GAp Multi-function Algaecide
Non-foaming Algaecide with 3 functions in one: Eliminate and control growth of algae, anti-Stain, and make water clear by Flocculant included.

* Those diluted in any concentration or mixed on as your formulation are both available.
* Customed packing with your logo or label

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