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International Sales:
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Email: sales@grechembld.com
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Add:No.89,Xinhua Road,Langfang City,Hebei China.
Liquid Algaecide / Biocide is always the series we devote ourselves to, and we aim to supply right product suitable for customers verious applications for Swimming Pool & SPA, Aquarium, cooling tower, metal working fluid, and some other industerial water systems.
Based on regular production in our plant Langfang GreatAp Chemicals Co., Ltd, besides materials in usual specification and packing, those formulated chemicals in customed packing is also avaialbe from us, as well as retail packages with your Logo, if need. Meanwhile, we also supply service of similar product sourcing, and mixed container shipment of different items as you request.
Our international sales part, Langfang BLD Trade Co. is responsible for all the oversea business. With years of experience, you are assured to be served well, including economical & prompt shipment, suitable payment term considering for both sides, and etc. What’s more, we are flexible for cooperation mode, and we appreciate any new ideas from you.
Polyquats International LLC, as our US branch, usually help business in Americas, and EPA registration work is one of their main parts.  
Always keeping Safety, Sincerity and Reliability as our eternal business rules, we aim to be your reliable supplier in the long run !
Advantages & Service
* Material supply with EPA Approved
* Reprocessing as your formulation
* Customed packing with your Logo
* Mixed container of verious of items, & similar products sourcing
* Flexible for cooperation mode, & awaiting cooperation with you
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